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Coronavirus knockdown the Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico tourism market

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Coronavirus knockdown the Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico tourism market

Since the last days of December, an unknown menace was growing past months in Asia.

Meanwhile, in Cancun & The Riviera Maya were preparing for the New Year eve, in front of another great year (2020) in terms of tourism, we were waiting for.

Mexico has suffered from past pandemics, most recently the swine flu (H1N1) pandemic in 2009.

And has seasonal dangerous diseases like Dengue, every year in the months of August at the end of the summer.

But no one was prepared for this new one, the Corona Virus (COVI- 19)

The key point of this new virus is being infected, and not present any symptoms for almost 7 days.

An asymptomatic could travel to many places infecting others and spraying the virus in a time record all over the world.

When the OMS declared a world pandemic in March for COVI-19, that was the first sight that something big will arrive.

Trump decided to ban all international flights to the USA, once this happens, we realize that this pandemic will hit our tourism soon

Some cruise ships suspicious of COVI-19 were banned to disembark in Jamaica, Belize, and other Caribbean destinations in February.

One of these, disembarks in Cozumel Mexico, surrounded by different opinions from authorities to provide humanitarian help and local citizens requesting a ban, to keep the island safe of the virus.

Now we are here on April 27, more than 1 month where quarantine has been required by the government.

Zero tour activities, closed beaches, and cenotes all around the Yucatan Peninsula closed archaeological sites, restrictions in local transportation, massive events canceled, and much more.

Keeping the social distance is crucial to fight back this virus and hope we can return to the normality soon.

Mainly affected is the hotel staff, temporal workes in tourism, guide, drivers, handcraft stores, restaurants, bars, and much more.

People living day by day waiting for commissions from tourist has the worst scenario possible.

The local government starts helping all people with food, and the federal government also start some important economic help for small businesses.

This is hard, and the next weeks and months will require from us the best to overcome this pandemic.

Time to explore opportunities for the future, improve our services, and adjust our view of tourism after COVI-19 that we know nothing will be like before.

In ContoyExcursions we are working to keep providing the best-personalized service in adventure and nature tours, like always respecting and taking care of nature.

We are adding improvements in terms of safety, related to COVI-19 in all our tours to provide the best tour service once tourism starts again.

We wish the best to all of you, keep safe, and hope we can see you swimming with whale sharks, marine turtles, birding, and much more with us soon!!

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