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Cancun ready for hurricane season

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Cancun ready for hurricane season

Cancun ready for hurricane season
Cancun ready for hurricane season

Cancun ready for hurricane season

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Officially the season of hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean starts on June 1st to November 31st.

Yes, the magical hot days to enjoy the blue ocean and white sand beaches of the Caribbean during summer vacations are between this season.

Cancun is now a top travel destination in Latin America, that’s why the Mexican Government has an international recognized strategy to deal with this dramatic weather.

Cancun it’s located in The Yucatan Peninsula, from many years ago, hurricanes have been a constant threat for local people in the area.

This is an advantage because most of the locals know how to deal with all the situations that bring these weather events.

So if you plan your vacations during this season, for sure you will receive all the advice and help to keep you and your family safe in this destination on any storm or hurricane situations.

Also, the hotels and the Local Government, this year they have a new plan for future weather situations, they established a list of shelters all around de cities, enough for the local population and foreign visitors.

These shelters will provide the basic services, food and rest areas during hurricanes, protected by local police and local authorities to ensure a safe environment.

Travel safe Cancun ready for hurricane season 2016

So if you plan your holidays at Cancun, don’t worry this destination is ready to keep al visitor safe, with no deceased people last 20 years where category 4 and 5 hurricanes have hit the area.

Cancun ready for hurricane season, pick the best beach destination in the world, you’ll not be disappointed and don’t miss to include in your plan trip the best nature activities, enjoy the cultural trips and adventure tours that this place has to offer.

If you have any questions about this destination, don’t hesitate to contact us or email us we can help you to plan the best trip to Mexico.

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