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Avoid getting scammed whale shark tour Cancun 2016

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Avoid getting scammed whale shark tour Cancun 2016

Avoid get scammed Whale Shark Tour Cancun 2016

Avoid getting scammed whale shark tour Cancun 2016, the start date of this season is June 1st and not May 15th, so be aware of doing the tour in legal terms.

Many tour operators will say that you can book a whale shark tour starting the 15th of May 2016, but the truth is that none of the tour operators from Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Holbox can’t confirm that, the Mexican government will release the permissions on June 1st.

Whale sharks arrive every summer on the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, between Contoy Island and Isla Mujeres, the number of whale sharks that arrive is growing year by year, which is why is becoming a top tour activity of the main destination of the area Cancun and Riviera Maya.

The tours must be run according to the whale shark rules established by the CONAM and SEMARNAT, federal authorities for nature-protected areas, like the one, developed in past years for the arrival of the whale sharks, avoid getting scammed Whale Shark Tour Cancun, and book with professional tour operators.

All boats must pass the verifications of safety, and the staff must be certified by the federal institutions to get access during the season to the national park of the whale sharks.

We recommend you take the tour first weeks of June and for more probability of sighting more than 5 whale sharks, try to book in July and August.

The months of July and August, in general, are the warmest months of the year, and probably is when more plankton is in the area, so more plankton more whale sharks for sure.

If you are not ready to book a whale shark tour from Cancun yet, please find more answers in our whale shark tour Cancun faq and make the best decision.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to add this tour to your Mexico vacation plan, also, we provide the private whale shark tour option, for more comfort(private, land, and boat transportation) for more chances to swim with the whale sharks.

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