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There is a whale shark in you back

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There is a whale shark in you back

There is a whale shark in you back Video

100% nature encounters have the closest experience ever!

Even if you can see that these huge sharks move slow, many of the time are swimming faster than you for sure. In a good day on a whale shark tour,  is possible to swim with more than 4 or 5 sharks in an area of few meters and sightings of hundreds of sharks in all the protected area.

That’s why the Mexican government establishes the rules for this swimming with whale sharks tour activity that every tour operator must follow.

Once you are in the water you must have a distance between 2 meters from the shark and 4 meters from the tail of the shark because of the movement. You must swim beside them, something like you do when you are walking with your dog, never in front, back, or under them.

And if there are more than 2 sharks closer to you, calm down and be aware of your position and the trajectory of the shark, so you can avoid them and keep the distance rule.

Many of the tourists that do this tour, don’t have a great experience  swimming and snorkeling, so please follow the instructions of the guide and be close to him all the time to avoid this kind of situation. To protect the shark during the activity, the distance rules are one of the most important you must follow, and please don’t touch the whale sharks.

Ok, is a closer experience, but don’t try to touch them, avoid being penalized by the captain, your tour can be canceled at that moment and you can be delivered to federal authorities. Be a responsible tourist and enjoy the tour and help us to protect the whale sharks!

Remember the whale shark tour Cancun is available only on the summer from the season is from May to September, we recommend July and August for a better experience.

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