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Cancun Mexico Responsible Tourism

whale shark tour cancun swim

whale shark tour cancun swim

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Whale Shark Mexico Rules

Over the last couple decades, one form of wildlife-based tourism that has quickly become popular is diving alongside free-swimming whale sharks. While they’re the largest fishes in the sea, whale sharks are actually quite docile and have highly predictable seasonal movement patterns. That makes them particularly attractive to dive operators.

Here in Mexico the goverment stablish the rules to operate the whale shark tour in a responsible way.

Whale shark tour rules Cancun mexico

  • Watch the whale shark, but do not touch.
  • Nothing more than 5 m from the whale shark.
  • The boat must be a minimum distance of 10 meters from the shark.
  • Go with a certified guide and a boat with a valid permit.
  • Use lifejacket.
  • Do not use sunscreens, lotions, or oils.
  • If you intend to take pictures, do not use flash.
  • Do not litter.

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