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Top 5 tips for snorkeling adventures in The Mexican Caribbean

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Top 5 tips for snorkeling adventures in The Mexican Caribbean

Top 5 tips for snorkeling adventures in The Mexican Caribbean

Top 5 tips for snorkeling adventures in The Mexican Caribbean, one of the top beach destinations in the world.

Cancun InternationalAirport receives more than 4 million travelers every year.

Travelers from all the world, arrive to enjoy fantastic white sand beaches of The Riviera Maya.

But not only luxury hotels and white sand beaches are the main attraction.

This destination has the second biggest coral reef in the world.

That can be explored by all tourists during many snorkeling tours offered in all The Riviera Maya, from Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

Here you have Top 5 tips for snorkeling adventures in The Mexican Caribbean.

  1. Use biodegradable sun block it’s important that tourists must respect the environment, and swim with regular sunblock is not the best way to do it. We recommend using biodegradable sunblock 30 minutes before any snorkel activity.
  2. Follow rules and don’t touch anything The coral reef is fragile, that’s why you must not step and avoid taking any souvenir from them, during snorkeling activities. All coral reefs are protected by Mexican government laws in The Riviera Maya, avoid any penalty.
  3.  The Best Snorkel Gear, it is possible, bring your own snorkel gear, that will fit you perfectly, to get the best snorkel experience. All tour operators provide this gear, but nothing will be better than using your own.
  4. Extra power battery pack, during vacations taking photos or recording underwater videos, will empty our device’s battery. and warm weather conditions will affect the performance of these batteries an extra power pack it’s a good idea to avoid losing great moments of your vacations.
  5. Waterproof bag or backpacks, The Summer is a great season to visit this destination, but past years weather is kind crazy, sunny days that become in the cloudy and heavy rain for some hours will make the investment in a waterproof bag a good idea and during snorkel activities, these are the perfect tools to keep personal documents and devices away from any damage.

If you have plans to visit Cancun or The Riviera Maya, Mexico don’t forget that The whale shark season is now open, an extraordinary snorkel activity, swim with the whale sharks in its natural environment, a unique experience.

For more information contact us or visit whale shark tour details here.

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