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Mexico’s Top Nature Experience Whale Shark Tour

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Mexico’s Top Nature Experience Whale Shark Tour

Mexico's Top Nature Experience Whale Shark

Mexico’s Top Nature Experience Whale Shark Tour

Top wildlife experience in Mexico, seeing and swimming with whale sharks. This is an ecotourism activity that involves  a small fishing community of Holbox and Isla Mujeres on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula when the region began its transformation from a shark-fishing to a premier whale shark watching destination. Fishermen started taking tourists out to see the whale sharks and asked WWF for help developing a code of conduct for the swim-with-a-whale outings.

Touring Mexico’s best nature destinations and encourages travelers to experience this unique tour. Swim within arm’s reach of whale sharks as they filter feed along the water’s surface, swimming  near such a giant who is so silent.

From the boat, you can see the mouth and head, but sometimes you can’t see the rest of the body. You don’t have an idea exactly how big it is. But when you’re in the water, and you see a whale shark coming to you, you suddenly understand!

You swim as hard as you can, kicking as hard as you can, just to stay six feet away, to look him in the eye. When you can’t keep up any longer, you just let him continue on, and you get to see the whole body, all the way back to the tail.

Whale are around 30 feet long, and his mouth was, maybe one yard open, maybe it’s a little bit scary, but you know nothing will happen! They are very peaceful animals.

With the new regulations, all tour operator make sure to tell you the rules, and you had to comply. For example, only two people are allowed to be in the water at a time [besides the guide], and they really enforced that. They seem to regulate themselves well.

Dont miss the experience of a life time!

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